Ellis Modular - Travel Center & Truck Stop Staff Facilities
Operations & Facilities Managers: Lower Your Employee Turnover by Adding On-Site Living Facilities and the Conveniences they Need!
Save time and money with modular buildings from Ellis Modular.
Custom modular living facilities for your employees cost less than you might think.
Custom, Modular Living Facilities for your Employees for Less than You Think.

Ellis Modular can provide you with new, add-on employee living and housing facilities for your travel center or truck stop. Expanding your existing site to include lower-cost modular living facilities for staff, employers experience reduced turnover, increased punctuality, and accountability of their employees - even higher-end managers benefit from living close to work in remote locations.

Travel Center Site Plan

Typical example of on-site employee living facilities designed for a 55,000 sq. ft. travel center/truck stop. Minimal footprint for ongoing ROI.

Reduce Turnover and Motivate Your Staff by Giving Them the Day-to-Day Facilities They Need.

Employee turnover is costly - in time and money - and that translates to poor customer service and declining profitability. Providing on-site living accommodations has proven to be and effective investment in long-term employee retention and ease of operations.

It would be worthwhile to take a hard look at the cost benefits of expanding your existing commercial site by adding living facilities for your employee group.
Reduce turnover and motivate staff by giving them the day-to-day facilities they need to thrive.

Save Time–and Money–on Your Design-Build Schedule

Graphic: A typical 24 month construction project timeline: Savings of up to 30% off your design-build schedule.
Graphic: Operational comparison chart: traditional construction vs modular construction.*
Examples of on-site employee living and convenience facilities,
Completely cusomizable buildings tailored to your specific requirements.
If you're considering adding
employee living facilities
to your existing retail site, talk to us first!

The configurations and customization are almost endless. Let us show you more examples, and provide details on how you can reduce employee turnover, increase reliability, and save money with on-site living facilities from Ellis Modular.
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Let us show you how a modular solution
can save you time and money
over traditional construction!
*Given that each project is unique and invariably different, with their own set of specifications and requirements, the 30% figure sited here is only an example of possible time savings according to the American Institute of Architects and in no way applies to every modular construction project. Factors such as weather, terrain, location and project requirements, all play a part in the scheduling and timeline.
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