Advertising & Marketing Collateral

Corporate and Consumer Advertising
Direct Mail and E-mail Campaigns
Corporate Communications Materials
Trade Show, Events Materials and Signage
Capabilities Brochures
Product, Service Brochures and Data Sheets
Web Banner Advertising
Newsletters and E-newsletters
E-marketing Campaigns
Branding and Identity Development

Graphic Design Services

Logo Development
Event Theming and Branding
Trade Show, Event Materials and Signage
Corporate Collateral and Stationery
Product Packaging
Power Point Presentation Materials
Technical & Editorial Illustration
Product Rendering and Prototype Illustration

Marketing Services & PR

Marketing Analysis, Planning and Research
Data Analytics, Customer Profiling and Campaign Targeting
Brand Positioning, Value Proposition and Mission Definition
Customer Loyalty Programs
Customer Segmentation
Media Plans and Budgeting
Growth Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Statistical Data Analysis
Press Releases
Media and Investor Relations
Industry Summaries
Partnership Development
Survey Design and Implementation


Creative and Technical Writing
Thematic Campaign Writing
Corporate Capabilities
Customer Testimonials

Web Site Design, Development

Corporate Web Site Development
Email Response Landing Pages
Micro Sites and Event Sites
E-surveys and Data Collection
Flash and JS Animation
Web Banner Advertising Campaigns
Email Campaigns and Tracking Monitoring
Google Keyword Campaigns
Statistical Site Tracking and Analytics
SEO SEM, PPC Programs

Database Development

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server
VB 6 and VB Script

Application Development

DB Design, Integration & Implementation
Application Development and Web Data Programming