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Inevitably, the question will come up; Just how much money should I spend on an event that will be over this 3 days? Tough to answer. But you can draw on your company's historical success, or failure, at attracting new business through trade shows and other industry events...or should you?

At the last show you attended, what company or booth drew the most attention? Why? Was it that new product that everyone wanted to see, complete with pre-show hype and media coverage...or was it show floor presence? Graphic impact that drew the eye, your attention and ultimately the crowd. Could be the same old company; there, year after year, but wrapped in a new package successfully grabbing the spotlight and your potential customers.

Budget with impact. We are specialists at that very thing. High impact visuals delivered at below market rates to fit your budget. From office products to telecommunications, we've helped our clients grab new customers with exciting and dynamic visuals crafted to draw them in.