Pardon our appearance.
In a twist of vocational irony, we are currently updating our site. While the content and messaging are accurate, the presentation needs to be reworked. An update is imminent.


  • 6.25.21 ISG -
    We have been working for several months on various aspects of ISG's annual trade show and event held for their members and suppliers.

  • 5.20.21 Crest Home Health -
    We have been engaged to develop a new web site for Crest Home Health Care, a Central Texas home healthcare provider.

  • 4.15.20 The RWC Group -
    We have been selected to develop a new web presence and marketing material package for The RWC Group, a banking and financial services entity.

  • 12.1.18 Welcome KanTime Software -
    We have entered into an agreement to provide Strategic Marketing and Brand Development services KanTime Software, a home health care software provider.

  • 5.10.19 ISG -
    TriMega Purchasing has merged wih Independent Supplies Group (ISG). We are honored to have been selected to continue working with the combined companies and a lot of great people.

  • 2.15.17 Young Innovations -
    Recently completed packaging and partial integrated marketing package for a new line of dental procedure and instrumentation products.

  • 10.15.16 Tucker Roofing -
    Welcome Tucker Roofing. We value the trust you have place in us and for selecting Design Syndicate for your marketing needs.

  • 2.1.18 Green Eagle Graphics -
    We have entered into an alliance with Green Eagle Graphics and iPromoteU for the distribution of Promotional Products. This is not a totally new business area for us but hope our new alliance will provide better pricing for our customer and and prove fruitful for everyone.

  • 10.1.16 Hope Health Care -
    We welcome Hope Health Care - Hospice Services. Thank you for placing your trust in us to help guide your business in an industry of such a sensitive and personal nature.

  • 1.15.18 Pavlik & Associates -
    We have completed an initial project to kick off a new relationship with Pavlik & Associates out of Ft Worth. We each bring capabilities to the table that we each believe will be beneficial to our individual client bases.

  • 6.1.16 DB Marcom -
    We are excited to announce a strategic alliance with DB Marcom. This relationship will help provide added depth and insight into the buying analytics, customer psychology and data integration to better help our clients.

  • 3.15.17 The boxes are unpacked (mostly), CPU's up and running, coffee maker plugged in - we have successfully moved our offices. Our new digs are right off I-30 in Garland, just to the east of Dallas. Stop by and see us - we'll give you the nickel tour.

  • 7.22.15 Young Innovations -
    Welcome Microbrush and its family of products with applications ranging from dental, cosmetic, specialty, hobbies and crafts.